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For over 25 years, Benchmark has served as an Executive Coach to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 leaders, their teams and organizations. Our comprehensive Coaching Approach starts at the executive level, and moves to encompass concentric circles of engagement; few companies approach coaching in this innovative manner.

Our Coaching Approach is designed to assist senior executives in handling the challenges of rapidly changing environments. By creating self and organizational awareness, the change process evolves and expands the organization’s capacity for adapting to, and creating change.

Developing self-awareness and connecting intention and impact are key outcomes of all our coaching engagements. Leaders, and their teams learn to raise the bar on their success, and learn to expand their capacity to contribute to the organization.

In all cases, executives and their teams expand their capacity to positively influence the organization to achieve success. We help executives explore their leadership, team and organizational aspirations and to focus on developmental opportunities for growth, address blind spots, and practice innovative ways to tackle their competitive challenges.

We offer a comprehensive suite of coaching services including but not limited to:

Executive & Leadership

  • Executive Coaching – Executives taking on new senior positions, or expanding existing positions, are always faced with new challenges, new relationships many risks and extraordinary opportunities for personal and enterprise growth. When we couple the personal challenges of leadership with the fast paced shifts in the competitive landscape, it is understandable that leaders choose to include executive coaching as part oftheir own development process.
  • Developmental Coaching – We’ve identified that high performance leader can benefit from sharpening their WE-centric leaderships skills. Developmental Coaching helps high-potential leaders become more aware of the impact they have on others and how to leverage their strengths in new and more effective ways.
  • The First 100 Days – When an executive joins a company, they need to build a new platform for leadership and organizational success. We have developed a CEO Playbook that helps an executive focus on what's important and essential for success – when and how.
  • Targeted Coaching – Sometimes a longer-term coaching process is not necessary. Rather what is needed is Targeted Coaching. This process is designed to get at the heart of specific developmental needs and coaching goals quickly, efficiently, and in a shorter timeframe than traditional coaching.
  • Unscripted Leadership Coaching – Being 'in the moment' in difficult situations enable a leader to connect to people and people trust. Yet too often we go into fear – and resort to 'fight, flight or freeze' behaviors – and lose our cool in the face of negativity or emotionality. This coaching process helps executives stay in the 'now' where they can access higher levels of insight and wisdom to facilitate healthy dialogue.
  • Transition and LifeCycle Coaching™ – When leaders are stepping into new positions, taking on larger responsibilities, taking on special assignments, or expanding into larger organizational responsibilities, LifeCycle Coaching helps prepare them for stepping into a more expansive leadership role.
  • Presencing and WE-centric Presence Coaching™ – Leadership presence is vital to leaders aspiring to have more influence in their organizations. Our process enables leaders to realize how they set the tone in establishing their culture, and therefore how to step up to the enterprise challenges from a more a WE-centric point of view.


  • Team Coaching – Teams can benefit from a 'team coaching' experience. During this session the coach acts as the neutral and unbiased mirror for the behaviors that are impeding growth in the team. This is an incredibly powerful process that can unlock a team's aspirations and release energy for activating higher levels of performance.
  • Peer Coaching – There is almost nothing as powerful as peers-coaching-peers to build and strengthen a culture. We teach peers how to use what we call STAR Skills™  which develop Sensitivity, Transparency, Active Listening, and Reframing skills which enable colleagues to become expert coaches.


  • Creating a Coaching Culture – Coaching can come from outside experts, and it can come from within the organization. We provide expert coaching training to internal coaches to enable them to become skilled in teaching others to coach. These skills are transferrable to the whole organization which creates a culture of colleagues supporting each other in their individual, team and organizational growth.
  • Innovation Coaching – Ongoing innovation is vital to an organization’s success. Innovation Coaching is designed to help leaders understand how to engage the organization in both day to day innovation as well as how to structure and facilitate Project Focused Innovation Initiatives.
  • Employee Engagement Coaching – Employee Engagement is vital to an organization’s success. Employees Engagement Coaching is designed to help leaders understand how to engage the organization to accelerate the achievement of business goals.
  • Facilitative Leadership Coaching – In the new business environment, results are achieved not through command, authority and control, but by facilitating the highest and best contributions of people throughout the organization. To this end, an entirely new approach to leadership is required – one that is grounded in strong relationships, conscious influence, targeted enrollment, keen perception, comfort with risk taking, and facilitation of conversations. Facilitative Leadership is proven effective in helping leaders and organizations accelerate results in the face of emerging business challenges.

We at Ferragamo thank you for the support you provided to one of our high performing leaders at the time of his promotion as head of Sales… As the result of your coaching, he has built a strong team, is an extremely powerful leader and his division is currently experiencing huge double-digit increases over last year and over plan.

Amy Zuckerman
EVP Human Resources

Judith E. Glaser, CEO & Founder

"To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations."

Books & Multimedia

Conversational-Intelligence 42 Rules for Creating WE Creating WEDNA of Leadership

In addition to being best sellers, Conversational Intelligence, Creating WE and The DNA of Leadership are recognized by Amazon, Forbes & Business Book Review as being among the best business books.


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